Wyoming and Nebraska

We made it to Boston!

We haven’t had much internet access along the way, so we’ve got a little catching up to do. But before we begin, I would like to give a disclaimer that most of these pictures were taken through the window of a moving vehicle, so they are not only few, but also blurry. All the pictures from the road trip were taken with M’s little point-and-shoot because his battery lasts at least 1000x longer than mine, and also charges faster.

We started out by (no surprise) changing our itinerary. On Sunday night we read about the tornado warnings that would be over all of the mid-west on Monday, and we got scared. Our hosts in Omaha said they usually make the 14-15 hour trek in one day, so we got up at 5:30, loaded the car, and left our little Provo home. We thought it would be wiser to brave the storm in a car than to try and camp in our little tent during a tornado.

Luckily loading the car took a little longer than we had expected, so we didn’t get on the road until about 6:45. We didn’t know what a blessing that would be until we received a few phone calls from Omaha saying, “Where are you? What’s going on? Have you seen the tornado yet?” etc. Turns out we were only 45 or 60 minutes behind the tornado when it crossed through York, Nebraska.

We definitely got our fair share of lightening, thunder, and torrential rain. But at least we missed the baseball-sized hail. When we arrived in Omaha, we turned on the weather channel and learned that the huge tornado had snaked up from southern Kansas and all the way across Nebraska.

Rain was a pretty common topic through the whole trip. Most of the country is either greener than usual and/or flooded. Wyoming was shockingly green, and much more beautiful than I remembered it from my last drive across I-80. Maybe because the last time I drove across I-80 in October 2008, the whole country was lovely and in its fall colors–except Wyoming. Whatever wasn’t brown and dry was a dirty mess of ice storm and snow.

But look at how beautiful and green it was in the rain!

And also see the looming storm clouds of Nebraska.

Just past the border was Nebraska’s Golgatha.

And how can you forget Cabela’s world headquarters in Sidney.

Anyway, we made the whole trip in one day. We rolled into Omaha around 10:30 pm, saw fireflies for the first time, watched the weather channel, and crashed on our soft pillows.

  1. #1 by connjohn on August 15, 2011 - 6:44 am

    This trip looks so familiar after making it twice in one week — but your adventure sounds more exciting!

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