Things That I’ll Miss About Boston… #1: My Commute

I’ve tried not to get too nostalgic during the last weeks in Boston, but I can’t help realize that there are some things I’ll really miss. Besides the usual Boston benefits (beautiful old homes, churches, universities, and apartments; the harbor and the Charles; green everywhere…) I really will miss my commute. I probably won’t have time to post much more, so this might be a list of one thing I’ll miss.

I ride to work 4 days a week now; if it wasn’t for summer thunderstorms scaring me into the car I’d ride 5. It’s a pretty long ride, but almost the entire route from Belmont to Lexington is on a nicely paved rail trail. I thought an easy post would be to take you on my afternoon ride home. Besides, I always have time to evangelize for bikes.

I take the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway for most of the trip, which takes me from Cambridge, through Arlington, and then to Lexington. The path then continues to Concord, about 2 miles further from where I get off at work.

This post is a journey. Let’s start in the forest near my office:


Then I pass the Lexington battle green. Buckman Tavern is the building ahead and slightly to the left, for the historians.


Then I ride through the old Lexington Train Station.


Then past Arlington’s Great Meadow.


Then past Spy Pond (beautiful sunsets here earlier in the season)


As the path gets closer to Cambridge it turns into a busy little bike highway


Then I get onto another path at Fresh Pond in Cambridge and always think, “Wow, I’m glad I’m not angry and sitting on traffic right now… Those poor souls…” No matter what the weather is like, it beats driving in Boston! The trip is 11.5 miles each way but it keeps me in shape. Just multi-tasking the workout and the commute.


  1. #1 by connjohn on August 18, 2012 - 11:20 pm

    I’m so jealous — my commute is usually from my bedroom to the family room — no views at all, and lately, can’t go outside because of the smoke from wildfires. Keep evangelizing — I’d love to ride my bike to work — the office is about 6 miles away from home — maybe I’ll try it.

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