Edible Time Capsule

We have gone through all of our belongings and sorted out what we’ll keep what we’ll try to fit into our car for the move. Among the items that didn’t make the final cut was a time capsule left in our car’s trunk by its previous owner (T’s mother, who kept it in the trunk in case of emergency).

The capsule was a sealed metal can containing everything she would need to survive for 72 hours should disaster strike. PS: this really is an excellent thing to have in the car, and we’ll probably replace it with an up-to-date version.

Since rust was forming on the can, we decided it was time to open this 72 hour kit and explore its interior. Here’s a sampling of the treasure we found:

1. A stuffed full storehouse of keep from dying treats:


2. Chicken noodle soup with raisins and strawberries:


3. Fresh fruit (peaches???):


3. Beanie weenie (the seal had broken… Too bad…)


4. Granola bars:


5. Canned apple juice (still fresh):


The only expiration date we found was 2008 on some peanut butter crackers. Most of the goodies were stale and inedible, but a few hard candies were still good, as well as the apple juice and (hopefully) the drink mix. Maybe we’ll test that out soon.

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