The Long and Lonely Road

This was the first big road trip apart for T and I since we got married. It’s definitely less of a road trip without her, but I’ve had some good times all by my lonesome. Here are a few highlights written from my tent outside of Bismarck, North Dakota. I’ll post it as soon as I find a convenient McDonalds for wifi. Why don’t we make this a countdown? Sounds easy.

5. Michigan. This is where I had the easiest border crossing of my life (“what’s your citizenship? Where do you live? Do you have Massachusetts plates? Have a good day.”), where I filled up with gas and borrowed McDonalds wifi in a shady Flint neighborhood, where I camped in a state forest full of hunters and their dogs (I wondered what all the barking was next door), and where I learned what a pasty was on the northern panhandle. It’s also where our Accord celebrated its 250,000th mile. Here’s to another 250. Or at least to getting us into Alberta…



4. Duluth? Sure, why not? Duluth was where I went to church at a small friendly ward, ate my lunch, called T, and planned out my free campsite in ND.


3. Mississippi headwaters. A very scenic state park right on my way in MN. I had to put my feet in or I wouldn’t be worthy to be called a permanent resident of America. It was surprisingly warm… Probably heated by the armies of feet who were in it a few hundred feet upstream.



2. Ontario. My first time in the most populated province of Canada felt more like a different country than my home and native land. Thankfully I hung out with two great cousins who more than made up for the angry, fast, cursing Toronto drivers.





1. Lake superior and the apostle islands. This was a rest stop like something out of a dream. Miles of red sand beaches, cliffs in the distance, and perfect water temperature for swimming. Next time I’ll bring a kayak and a date.




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