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Autumn in Alberta

We had a month and a half of amazing fall weather here. Comfortable temperatures (15-ish Celsius/60-ish farenheit during the day), sunny skies, yellow leaves… But last week a transformation occurred. We got 10 cm of snow overnight, it hasn’t warmed up at all, and the clouds keep dropping a cm or two almost every day.

Winter seemed to officially start on the last day of the Calgary LDS Temple open house (last Saturday). We went with a couple of friends and ended up lining up outside the church in a blizzard. The temple open house and dedication were great experiences, by the way. Aside from going on tours with family and friends, T and I both got to help out with cleaning and other things this past week as we got the temple ready for the dedication. There’s a lot of energy and excitement in the LDS community and Calgary in general due to the temple. That was fun to be a part of. The photos below were taken with Theresa’s mom at the temple while the weather was still nice.

The temple, along with some great friends we’re making with neighbors and classmates, helped ease us into acceptance of our new home’s northern climate. Being from Penticton, BC, and Boise, ID, we’re used to some snow but definitely not this early. It also doesn’t usually stay for quite as long in our home towns, either. We’re looking forward to one of those mysterious “Chinooks” to blow in a give us a few hours of summer weather. I’ll believe when I experience it! In the meantime maybe we’ll find some snowshoes or cross-country skis so that we can look forward to the long winter.

In the spirit of these changing seasons, here are some photos from the past week in Calgary. Enjoy!

Below was Sunday morning (today) on our way to church. We had some pretty heavy fog over the past couple days. Yesterday we took a trip down to Southern Alberta for the wedding of an old mission friend of mine. The overcast skies and low fog made the prairies look lonely and remote, but empty and beautiful at the same time. T took some pictures on the trip that we might be able to post soon.



I took this picture on my way home from school on the day after our 10 cm snow day. I’m sure we’ll get much more than this, but I’m still amazed at how early it came. I think the trees are still in shock too. A lot of them hadn’t even finished shedding their leaves. Some were still green!



Looking cold on the way home from church today… but we loved that blue sky coming in!



Just some frosty berries this afternoon.



The Northern Lights on a cloudy night? I got very excited about this when I got off the bus coming home from campus a few nights ago. Unfortunately, I’m just an uneducated southern Canadian who can’t tell the difference between city lights reflecting off snow and low clouds vs. Aurora Borealis.


Maybe the following photos should be in a separate post, but I know that my sister (a profession meat expert) would like to see this contraption in action. Right after T moved in we found a $3 antique meat grinder at an estate sale. We were just talking about how a meat grinder would be awesome (I did most of the talking) before we stumbled onto this prize. It lets me control exactly what goes into my burgers, and we also found it helpful (sort of) in making hummus and hope to try it out making peanut butter. The beef that gets stuck inside just adds flavour. Only kidding… the grinder gets a thorough washing between uses. We’re a part-vegetarian family after all.



Cooking up a fresh-ground burger. Now all I need is to make friends with a few hunters… I know they’re around in these parts.




We’ve been here for over a month, so it’s about time to post something. Here are a few highlights from our new home town:

The view from our neighborhood (our house is the red one at the bottom). Calgary has great sunsets and great clouds.


A trail through the Northwest. The new Calgary temple is up the hill in the distance.


Fall colours. We went for a Sunday afternoon walk along the elbow river here.


Devonian Gardens with family on Thanksgiving Day. This is a place Calgarians head to when winter gets too cold. It’s above an overpriced mall downtown, but the gardens are actually pretty nice.


Sisters-in-law at Prince’s Island Park downtown on Thanksgiving Day. It’s nice being a little closer to family now. Boston was a bit harder for folks to visit. You missed out, though!


A Calgary-themed swing set with my dad and my sister on Thanksgiving.


Center Street Bridge downtown at the end of a bike date to Chinatown and the old Financial District. Buffalo are everywhere! At least in art. I haven’t seen a live one here yet, but did see a herd of antelope on the way back from Saskatchewan today. That trip is for another post, though.



Blog hack alert. Sorry about that post.

I hope you guessed as much, but someone hacked our account today and posted a spam ad. I hope nobody clicked on it. Believe me, I didn’t make $250/hr for doing nothing and neither will you.

We’ll post something real very soon. In the meantime we’re changing our password and security so I hope it doesn’t happen again. Sorry!

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