We’ve been here for over a month, so it’s about time to post something. Here are a few highlights from our new home town:

The view from our neighborhood (our house is the red one at the bottom). Calgary has great sunsets and great clouds.


A trail through the Northwest. The new Calgary temple is up the hill in the distance.


Fall colours. We went for a Sunday afternoon walk along the elbow river here.


Devonian Gardens with family on Thanksgiving Day. This is a place Calgarians head to when winter gets too cold. It’s above an overpriced mall downtown, but the gardens are actually pretty nice.


Sisters-in-law at Prince’s Island Park downtown on Thanksgiving Day. It’s nice being a little closer to family now. Boston was a bit harder for folks to visit. You missed out, though!


A Calgary-themed swing set with my dad and my sister on Thanksgiving.


Center Street Bridge downtown at the end of a bike date to Chinatown and the old Financial District. Buffalo are everywhere! At least in art. I haven’t seen a live one here yet, but did see a herd of antelope on the way back from Saskatchewan today. That trip is for another post, though.


  1. #1 by David and Karen Godfrey on October 15, 2012 - 4:14 pm

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Sorry we weren’t home when you called last night. We were visiting grandma and grandpa and aunt ruth who is visiting for a week. By the time we got home it would have been too late to call. Talk to you soon. Love Mom

  2. #2 by andrea on October 30, 2012 - 2:44 am

    What a lovely blog. Although I thought you would of chosen the engagement photo I took of you guys.

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