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Making Fun of Winter

We came back from Christmas in Idaho and actually found Calgary warmer than our last week down south. Unfortunately that didn’t last long. We got a foot of snow on Thursday and temperatures stopped to somewhere around -15 Celsius… plus the wind. Waiting for the bus outside the temple Thursday night (photo below) nearly froze us through. We actually chickened out after the bus was already 15 mins late due to the storm, and we went to thaw out in the temple entrance and beg for a ride to the closest train station. Thankfully people were feeling very charitable after spending time there and we found a ride quickly.


We really wanted to be able to have something to look forward to about the snow and cold, so we decided to give cross-country skiing a try. I had boots and skis but we rented stuff for T and poles for me from campus (I had a $25 credit so it ended up being free). A ski club maintains 7km of trails at s golf course right in the city, so we actually have a free place to go that’s only a 5 minute bus ride away from our house. It was a beautiful day for it today and we had fun. T caught on really fast and (hopefully) liked it enough to go with me again. Photos are all below.

In other news, we went to a sushi boat restaurant for my birthday dinner last night. Good times in the winter.