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imageWe created a little pirate family for Halloween.  Although, some said my costume was a bit more like a gypsy. But M made up a story about a pirate who landed in a country and fell in love with a gypsy, and he took her with him on his pirate ship. And of course there was  a pirate baby.IMG_3709We were invited to a record number of Halloween parties this year! The favourite was probably the Halloween mystery dinner. 6 couples attended, and we each ordered from a menu of things like love potions and spider eggs, not knowing what exactly would be on our plate.IMG_3719And like last year, we attended Lauren’s party in the mountains. So we rented a car for the day, bought some groceries and hiked Mt. Yamnuska in Bow Valley Provincial Park before the party. We weren’t the only pirates there, but we did get the cutest pirate award. The baby, obviously.imageClick on the photos to zoom in and see a close-up of M’s ruby brooch and earring!

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