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Mt. Yamnuska

imageimageThis was a hike that we had considered doing earlier this year while I was 8 months pregnant. We ended up doing another hike in Kananaskis that day instead. After doing them both, I think Mt. Yamnuska is much more appropriate for a woman in her third trimester, although I wasn’t the one carrying the baby for this hike.image imageWe had been invited to a Halloween party in Bow Valley Provincial Park, so we decided to make a day trip out of it. We rented a car, did some grocery shopping and headed for the mountains. It was the last day of the year without snow, and we wanted to make the most of it.image imageIt turned out to be a beautiful, warm day for a hike. We only wished we had gone a few weeks earlier to see the golden aspen leaves while they were still on the trees. The yellow path still made for a lovely trek. imageimageWe didn’t quite make it to the top. There was a bit of scrambling at the top, which probably wouldn’t have been a good idea with the baby carrier anyway, but the sun was setting, the party was starting, and the baby was getting hungry. She was a good sport for most of the hike (sleeping), but she whined a lot of the return trip. So we came back to the car, gave her a snack, and changed into our costumes. image


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Four-and-a-half months

E is growing up so fast. (Side note: my sister asked a few months ago if T and I really called each other by our first initials. Nope, just on the blog. I guess it’s internet security paranoia. You never know who’s watching!) Anyway, I had a very busy week and felt like I missed out on a lot of the learning and fun times that E experienced. Things like finding her feet, testing her high octave vocal chords, reaching and grabbing things… So I tried to spend this weekend hanging out with her as much as I could. Here are a few of her new talents and exciting realizations at 4.5 months:

1. I have feet! And I can reach them!!


2. Mom has a face. Actually I’m pretty sure it belongs to me.


3. I am a person! And I can fly?


4. Putting things in my own mouth means I don’t have to rely on mom and dad for all my entertainment. I can entertain them instead.


5. I’m cute. Pretty sure I get that from my mom.


6. I can walk! I asked Dad to photoshop himself out of this video, but he said it would be too much work. I won’t need help for long though.


MEC Half Marathon

imageEvery year, MEC hosts a few races, each in a different part of Calgary.  M and his dad ran the last race of the year. along with some friends from church.  It was a half marathon at Glenmore Reservoir in south Calgary.image image imageIt was a pretty cold morning, but both of them came in ahead of their expected time.image imageAnd Grandma G and I stayed on baby duty.image

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Troll Falls

image imageimageWe were trying to get as many hikes under our belt as we could before it snowed. My mom was in town for a few days, so we took advantage of having a car around and headed to the mountains.image

imageimageThe hike to the falls was actually pretty short, and it was flat enough that we saw quite a few strollers make the trek. Actually it was quite crowded, but I guess it was (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend.

imageimageimageWe continued up the trail from the falls toward the summit. E wouldn’t let us make it all the way to the top though. We gave her one feeding break, but it was cold and she wanted to get out of the carrier.  But that’s ok. I think we were all a little cold.imageimage

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Confederation Park

imageOne Sunday afternoon, we took a walk to explore our new neighborhood. We hadn’t used the stroller much yet, but we wanted to try it out to see how long E would last.imageWe bundled her up the best we could, but I guess she’s not quite big enough for her buntings.  She looked so silly, we just couldn’t stop taking pictures.imageimageimageimage

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The Four-Month Sleep Regression

imageI can’t say I wasn’t warned about this phenomenon in child development, but I can’t say I’m caught up on my sleep either.

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