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When we first started planning our snowshoeing trip, we didn’t know we would coincide with Idaho City’s Winter Solstice festival.  We meant to get out earlier in the day, but one thing led to another and it was nearly dark by the time we pulled up to the tiny airport in the mountains.image

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There wasn’t quite enough snow for snowshoeing anyway, but we took a walk around the airstrip anyway. We came back to the parking lot just in time to see the luminaries lit and the bonfire getting doused with gasoline.


They said this celebration by the Idaho City Arts Council has been going on for 12 or 13 years. Sometimes there are fireworks, or fire dancers. This year they set off Chinese lanterns into the sky, but we had to leave early.  We did enjoy some of the hot chocolate and chili though.



Merry Christmas


This year we’re splitting Christmas between both of our families. That makes for a lot of driving, but hopefully lots of good memories as well. So far we’re all taking it pretty well. More pictures to come!

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