snowswing sled3




Ok but just one more set of snow pictures as a farewell to a happy winter. And also because it’s snowing this morning. The little wooden sled is for sale. $10. Any takers?

  1. #1 by Rachel Lambourne on April 15, 2014 - 9:20 pm

    Cutest winter baby ever. I love that sled and would take it if I could! Thank you for the link to the song. I love that rendition! We sing that song all all all the time, too! Only I sing, “Liza Bee,” obviously. 🙂 My baby girl heard us start to sing that song in Eddy’s music class the other week and got so excited at “her” song. Too adorable.

  2. #2 by Elena Martyanova on April 22, 2014 - 2:42 pm

    Theresa! твоя дочка такая сладкая!!! И ты очень красивая тоже!!! Как жизнь? Так классно, что ты мама и жена! Люблю тебя! ❤

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