My Kingdom for a Toilet!

Well, since we’re already so many days behind on our London trip posts I can’t catch up this late at night. So I’ll just add a couple highlights from today.

We tried to do all the free things here (and there’s no way to do them all, really), but we decide to splurge on 2-for-1 passes to the Tower of London today. It was worth it though, even for penny pinchers like us. Almost 1000 years of history in one castle in the middle of central London. Very impressive. We stayed until we were too tired and hungry to hold our really late lunch off any longer. Today we also listened to an incredible choir sing at a special Canada Day evensong service at Westminster abbey. It was beautiful. We also went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to a once per month candle-lit museum night in a 19th Century custom-built mansion. We stood in line for close to 40 minutes and almost left without going through. This was actually where the blog title comes from… We spent a very long time looking for toilets this afternoon. We ran out of change and couldn’t find any free facilities anywhere. So we googled which museums we’re open late (museums usually have free and clean toilets) and found this little gem. But the long queue forced us to take turns running across the street to various American fast food joints to use their loos.

The museum was a totally different museum experience from anything else we saw here, with floor to ceiling relics, paintings, and architectural drawings stacked so closely together I was afraid I would knock them over walking past. A very intimate museum compared to those we went to earlier on our trip. For those planning a trip to London, see if you can squeeze in a first Tuesday evening at Sir John Soane’s Museum.

Anyway, here are E’s favorite parts of the day. Except that I don’t have any photos of her making friends on the Tube, which she does so quickly and with anyone we sit or stand next to. I’m not sure in what order these pics will come out, but here’s E talking to the famous Tower ravens, hanging out by the Thames, testing out a big fancy playground, and eating by Regent’s Canal (actually the last two events were yesterday).







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