Strawberries and Mission Reunions


E had her real birthday party yesterday. After we travelled through her actual birthday, we had a really nice day with one of my old mission companions and his very fun little family. Jamie and I spent three months of our lives together 24-7 as missionaries in Utah, so it was very cool to be reunited in England more than 7 years since we returned home–me to Canada and Jamie to Scotland. Now he and his lovely wife and three little boys live in Basingstoke, just outside of London. It was a bit weird being together again, since we’ve both changed in many ways but seem to have stayed exactly the same in many more. Theresa has better family photos on her computer that we’ll post after we get home.

Eliza was in heaven with two big brothers to chase and tumble with, and she went absolutely crazy when we went to a U-pick strawberry field. She couldn’t figure of how to pick them off the bush herself, but that’s probably because it was just too easy to pick them out of mom’s basket! Earlier that day we visited a nice park and neighborhood in an older part of town with some beautiful thatched roof homes and country farms, woods, and streams. We arrived in Weymouth, final holiday destination of our trip, this afternoon. I’ll blog about that later, but I’ll say that I did get to swim at the beach today, despite the water being a fair bit cooler than the mild and windy 18 degrees (somewhere around 65 F, I think) that it was outside! Very refreshing.






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