Weymouth and the Jurassic Coast

We knew that after our city adventures we we would want to see a different side of England, and since we’re moving to a landlocked desert in a couple weeks the coast seemed like a great idea. We are very glad we did. Weymouth is off the beaten track for most international tourists, but the pictures we saw online and the strong recommendation of an English co-worker convinced us to take the 3 hour train ride south east to see the “Jurassic Coast.” It gets the Jurassic name from the fossils that have been found along it’s clay and stone cliffs and pebbly beaches.

The weather was perfect. A little rain and a fair bit of wind, but that’s to be expected on the south coast. On the first day we got fish and chips with mushy peas and then and sat down by the beach to let E sleep and me (M) swim. We also had a picnic dinner where E loved chasing the birds.







On Sunday we went to friendly LDS branch for church and them did some very nice Sunday walks and got caught in a small rain storm but ended up getting a rainbow out of the deal.






Today we headed out to Lulworth cove and the Durdle door to do a hike. It took some careful bus transfer coordination and an early start, but somehow we made it out there and back safely. And it was worth the trip. The views were incredible.

I don’t know if I’ve ever done a hike that had such amazing views the entire time. We just hiked up and down the ridges taking in the scenery as much as we could while we hiked as fast as we could to catch our bus connection seven miles (surprisingly they use miles not km here) away. It was steep! Eliza slept for at least half of the trip.










We’re on the train back to London now (edit: I wrote this on the train but due to bad mobile signals and a little shinanigan at the train station in London I’m posting it at the hotel) and we catch our plane to Calgary tomorrow morning. It’s been a very worthwhile holiday, and E has been very, very good for us. Actually she’s been in heaven for the past five days, with kids to play with at both of our hosts’ homes and strawberries, seashells, and pebbles to collect while chasing dogs and birds. She’s more of a nature girl than a city girl, it seems. Here’s us on the train(s) heading to our hotel near Gatwick Airport, with an unexpected dinner stopover to say goodbye to London.




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