Adelia’s Blessing and an Update


After a long summer’s rest from the blog, I think I’m finally ready to start at it again. We’re pretty settled in our Tucson house–just a few remaining things to do here before we can truly be unpacked. There’s still one box left, full of pictures to put on our walls. Our couch needs two new cushions, but I’ve already bought foam, so that should be done soon enough. We’re getting into the swing of things, although I think M can tolerate this climate better than I can. We’ve already been up Mount Lemmon three times to escape the summer heat. He’s biking to school every day and enjoying the UofA outdoor swimming pool.

Anyway, there’s more of all of that to come! We should be back to our regularly scheduled blog posts shortly, including more never-before-seen pictures from our trip to England. So far we’ve only shared the ones from M’s phone.  But before I get carried away with all that, I just wanted to share these pictures from my niece’s blessing last week so the family can see them.

One more thing. We’re thinking it’s about time to start a new blog with a new name because this one is a reference to our living in Boston which ended two years ago. It also contains a grammatical error, not that you know, because it’s in Russian and it’s a joke that doesn’t even make sense. But the thing is, it’s actually been really hard for us to come up with a name. I know it would be easy to just use our first names, because that’s what everyone else does, but I’ve just had some unsavory experiences in the past with my name out in the open on the internet. Which is why we use initials here instead of our names.  It also seems pointless to use something based on our geographic location because we’re not very good at being permanent anywhere. And everything else we’ve come up with either sounds hokey, or it sounds like we’re trying too hard. Who am I kidding? We are trying too hard.

In short, if you have any good suggestions, let us know!

Ok here are the pictures. Happy birthday, Adelia!

IMG_7600 IMG_7598 adelia IMG_7576 IMG_7583 IMG_7584 IMG_7563 IMG_7564 IMG_7577  IMG_7617 IMG_7519 IMG_7523 IMG_7639 IMG_7645

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