Day 3 – A Quiet Sunday in London


This was our breakfast every day in London: Muesli–locally produced in Dorset, the region where we would spend our last two days in England–with milk and fruit. And a stack of bread for sandwiches on the go.  Our evening meals were usually some veggies and rice or pasta, maybe some fish. A couple times we indulged at one of the immigrant-owned cafes near our apartment at Holloway Road.  But the nice thing about staying in an apartment with access to a kitchen is you can actually cook your meals.


We attended the White Chapel Ward in the morning and picnicked on Regent’s  Canal afterward. We made our way back to our apartment by way of a playground, changed our clothes, probably E took a nap while we were there.  Then we headed back out on the town.

IMG_5976 IMG_5989 playdate



At Hyde Park we listened to a soapbox speech on Speaker’s Corner about animal rights. We toured the park. Did you know all the swans are owned by the queen?

IMG_6063 IMG_6055 IMG_6045 statues and spectators

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