London Recap – Days 1 and 2


This trip was like a giant crescendo. It started out quite nice, but each day was exponentially bigger and better. The more we saw of the city the more we felt we needed to see. There was a never-ending list of museums and streets and gardens that you can’t leave London without seeing. Of course we didn’t make it to all of them, but what a ride we had!

It’s now been four months since we were in England and I’ve been dragging my feet about posting anything else because I still had some pictures that I wanted to add to our online chronicle.  I’ll try to make it quick so we can move along because a lot has happened in those four months! Moving, hiking, gardening…it’s coming. So without further ado, here’s a blogging blitz of our trip to England.

IMG_5867 Diptych1


To be accurate, this was actually day 2, but who actually wants to hear about the jet lag and airplane sickness and/or food poisoning that filled our first day? I’ll just say I took an extra barf bag from the airplane on the tube and it got used. End of story.

After resting up, we decided to just head downtown and do some typical London things. Buckingham Palace was our first stop. Swarming with tourists, spattered with gilded everything. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland.


Next up, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey (with a more intimate visit later), Kensington Gardens. Everything was magnificent. It was lovely enough to just wander around and gaze at everything.


Diptych2IMG_5913 IMG_5915

Our second day was rainy, so my camera didn’t come out too often. E got to try out her poncho, handmade by a friend in Calgary, as we tromped around in the drizzle. We picked up some goods at a farmers market, we stopped by Picadilly Circus and the infamous Waterstones bookstore. M picked up a pair of shoes at the Clarks flagship store, which was surprisingly small, but hey, I guess real estate is hard to come by at Picadilly.


Of course the best thing to do on a rainy day in London, though, is the museums. If we had planned it better, I’m sure we wouldn’t have spent so long at the Natural History Museum, but what a building! London is a dream for architecture lovers. Next up was the Victoria & Albert museum: a lovely collection of beautiful things. Hand-carved furniture from all eras, royal wedding gowns, and all things fashion and design. Sorry, no photos were allowed inside.

IMG_5927 IMG_5934


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