Day 4 – Conference Day

Photo 2014-06-30, 12 52 48 AM

Monday was conference day — the one obligatory work day that made our trip to London possible in the first place.  This was my view from the bed in our apartment of our exquisite chandelier and M getting ready to go.  It wasn’t too much later that E and I left to have some adventures without him.

I was lucky enough to meet up with a dear family that took me in for a few weeks during our transition from Boston to Calgary.  We had to be out of our apartment on such and such a date, but I needed to stay for a conference three weeks later. So Rachel offered her basement to me during that limbo time.  At the time, she had two boys, but she added a little girl to her family just a couple weeks before I did, and I was shocked when she announced the name of her daughter was the same name I had picked out for mine! So these two girls were born only a few days apart, and in two different countries, but I think their story makes them a bit like sisters.


I was thrilled to find out the Lambourne family was moving to London and arriving the day before us.  It was so fun to meet up with them again. But I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture with them! All I have are some blurry shots of crawling baby girls. So such as it is, I’ll leave you with a couple of animated gifs.

The Lambournes favored me with a trip to the British Museum, which was really cool, but so so very crowded. Also I was like an hour late because I don’t even know why or how that happened.  So we didn’t have a ton of time at the museum because they had an appointment to view a flat later in the morning.  How lucky that I was invited to go with them!


The flat was in the Primrose Hill neighborhood.  I read the description of Primrose Hill to Rachel from my London guidebook.  It says it’s  near Regent’s Park, Queen Mary’s Gardens, the London Zoo, and Baker Street.  Do I dare admit my ignorance to say I didn’t know why Rachel got so excited over Baker Street? All I could think of was the saxophone solo.  So I just nodded and filed that as something to look up later.

But I thought I would venture toward Baker Street anyway after we parted ways.  I first walked past the zoo, hoping it would be free like the London museums, but no such luck. So on to Regent’s park I went until it started raining, and I thought I should duck for cover. And as I looked for a friendly awning, I did see Baker Street and I looked up and down trying to figure out what it could be famous for.  I saw this grand building with an ominous cloud behind it and I thought it would be worthy of a photograph and maybe there’s a chance it’s famous?

Photo 2014-06-30, 10 47 16 AM

No, I don’t know what that building was. But for any who are as clueless as me, I did come across the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street. Mystery solved.

Afterward, I still had some time to kill before meeting up with M, so I hopped on the Tube and just picked a stop to get off on. I picked Paddington because, why not? Well now that I’ve been there, I’ll tell you why not. There really wasn’t much to see. I didn’t even see any bears. So disappointing.

Finally, I went to meet M, and I found out he won the poster session! What a guy. Here’s a picture of him blinking (oops!) outside of a grandiose hotel near the British Library where his conference was.


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