Day 6 – Oxford


It wasn’t until after we arrived in Oxford that we learned we had scheduled our day trip on prospective student day at the University. So even though we were actually willing to pay to tour some of the colleges, we were denied entry. Bummer. We even tried sweet talking our way in as parents of a prospective student who might enter in about 17 years. Nobody bought our story.

But as you can see, we were still privileged to view dozens of beautiful buildings and doors from the outside. We visited a cathedral. We visited the Ashmoelan Museum. We actually did get into the Divinity School. We visited the Oxford Castle, which is something of a restaurant now. We went to the farmers market like the locals. We picnicked on the canal. We shopped the antique stores. We watched a cricket game in an incredibly picturesque field surrounded by steeples and very old trees. I mean, it was a great day. Every step was picture worthy. I’ll just let the photographs tell the rest of the story.

IMG_6298 gate IMG_6327 bike IMG_6332 bunting IMG_6355

doora IMG_6359 cityscape IMG_6335 statuesque IMG_6340 IMG_6338 surpriseyes IMG_6344 IMG_6380 IMG_6381 lavendoor IMG_6368 IMG_6382 IMG_6398 ohoxford IMG_6427 IMG_6450 IMG_6467 IMG_6487

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