Day 7 – A Farewell to London


How do you decide what to do on your last day when there are still hundreds of things to see?  With only half a day before we had to catch our bus out of town, we decided a museum or two would fit the bill.  We started out at Trafalgar Square and said we would do a blitz of the National Gallery in 15 minutes. I spent at least 2 or 3 minutes looking at the mosaic floors in the foyer, though, so obviously it was a little longer than 15 minutes that we spent there.

IMG_6526 IMG_6529 IMG_6532

I don’t know what struck me so much about this painting. I guess I don’t see black and white paintings very often. Sketches, sure, but a painting in grayscale really stood out to me. But then I was scolded for taking pictures and I had to put away my camera.


IMG_6545 greenwicha

Quick as we could, we headed to Greenwich, hoping to climb to the observatory to watch the ball drop at 13.00.  We got busy eating our lunch from Greenwich Market and totally missed it. We also missed everything else we were hoping to do in Greenwich, including E’s birthday treat, but we totally made up for it the next day. It’s ok. She didn’t even know it was her birthday.

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