Day 7 and 8 – Basingstoke


After retrieving our luggage from Victoria Station, we headed East to Basingstoke, an old English town east of London where one of M’s legendary mission companions live. Legendary because he is not only taller than M, but he is also Scottish and this was a unique and memorable asset for a missionary in Utah. I had heard many stories about Jamie Cairns and even his wife Lindsay, who was in the picture well before the mission.  So this was quite a treat for me to visit the family, hear some mission stories, see some photos and videos of both spiritual and embarrassing moments for my husband in his youth.

The Cairns family let us stay with them for a couple nights.  It was E’s birthday when we arrived, but we celebrated the occasion the next day by “strawb’ry pickin'”  in the English countryside.  She loved it so much that we might make strawberry picking an annual birthday tradition.

IMG_6572 gateway IMG_6639 IMG_6646 IMG_6650 IMG_6640 IMG_6645 elders IMG_6594 wildlife IMG_6596 red IMG_6679 IMG_6672 eliza IMG_6681 IMG_6674 IMG_6689 eliza2 IMG_6697 boys IMG_6702 IMG_6708 rory IMG_6709 IMG_6712 IMG_6718 IMG_6724

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