Day 9 – Weymouth


Our Sunday began with a brisk walk to church. The bus would have been a reasonable option, as it was a few miles to hike, but we seem to do things the hard way.  As we expected, we got a lot of attention, being the visitors in a small branch.  In fact, someone mentioned us in his testimony. He had seen us walking up the hill and holding hands, and it made an impression on him as being kind to each other, but then he was surprised to see us show up in his own congregation.

We had decided Sunday would be a good day to hike the white cliffs. This was the primary reason for our trip to Weymouth.  However, the hike is a short drive out of town, and on Saturday night, we realized the bus we needed doesn’t run on Sundays anymore. We weren’t sure if it would be possible to do the hike on Monday, but it seemed unlikely because we had to be back in town by early afternoon to catch our train to London, so we could catch our plane home.

To make a long story short, we found a way to make it work Monday morning, but it was definitely cutting it close. With a little free time Sunday evening, we decided to walk to the cliffs from town. So we just started walking to see how far we could get.

It was my absolute favorite weather. Heavy overcast skies, with a couple of pockets of sunshine that make the green earth look so vibrant against the gray sky.  The rain only threatened a couple times, but the storm cast a full double rainbow.  I couldn’t back up enough to capture the whole thing with my camera, but M caught a panorama here with his phone if you want to see it.

 IMG_6873 IMG_6869 IMG_6874IMG_6867IMG_6875 IMG_6878 IMG_6879 IMG_6882 IMG_6890 IMG_6891 IMG_6894 IMG_6896 IMG_6897 IMG_6898 IMG_6899 IMG_6905 IMG_6908 IMG_6910 IMG_6917 IMG_6909 IMG_6921 flowers IMG_6923 IMG_6865 IMG_6926

  1. #1 by Elise Christina Zvirzdin on November 2, 2014 - 5:20 pm

    Amazing shots! How beautiful!

    • #2 by xivonne on November 2, 2014 - 11:58 pm

      Thanks, Elise!

  2. #3 by Rachel Lambourne on November 3, 2014 - 5:35 am

    I’ve been meaning to comment the whole way along, but I’ve just been enjoying the ride too much to put anything in words. Man, you guys lived to the fullest your time here! I can’t believe what quantity and quality you packed in your days in England. I’m sure it often felt rushed and stressful, but the photos show that you also soaked in the small shining moments so well.

    I especially love the idea of making strawberry picking E’s birthday tradition.

    It was incredibly fun to see you our first days in London. I wish we could have hosted you better! If I’d thought to ask about your other plans I would have figured out a way for us to watch E while you went to a Shakespeare show. I’m glad you splurged in another fabulous way, but I still wish we could’ve done that for you. (And then you could have for us!! Next time . . . 😉 ) Also strange we came away with no pictures of our day together, between the two of us and at least four picture-taking devices!

    And about seeming to do things the hard way. Oh, yeah, I know all about that. We seem to travel that road as well. I absolutely adore the image of doing it while holding hands. I’ll put that one away for a rough travel day for sure. Thank you!

    • #4 by xivonne on November 3, 2014 - 11:26 am

      Yes! I certainly hope there’s a next time. If not in London, then in Tucson 😉

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