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The pink forest

Another snippet from Montreal.


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Home Tour

Welcome to our home!

Now that we’ve moved out of our Boston apartment, I suppose it’s finally time to post our pictures of the place.  M hasn’t yet settled in to the basement apartment in Calgary and I’m staying with a friend in Boston for another week. Almost everything we owned in this apartment is gone. What a shame. We had a pretty good decor theme going on.


St Peter’s Festival

Gloucester, Massachusetts is the home of St. Peter’s festival, a Catholic celebration on St. Peter’s day with a carnival, games, and a greasy pole climb. We attended the outdoor mass on Sunday morning, which is basically the same as any other mass except for the sea chanties and the sermon about fishermen. The holiday really celebrates all fishermen because Peter was one himself. And aside from the Sea of Galilee, there’s really no better place to do the festival than America’s oldest seaport.

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Mt. Monadnock

Answers to the guessing game:

1. Mt. Monadnock, New Hampshire

2. Outdoor mass at St. Peter’s Festival in Gloucester, Massachusetts

3. The view from Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal in Montreal, Quebec

(More posts on #2 and #3 to come later)

Mt. Monadnock is the 2nd most climbed mountain in the world (#1 is Mt. Fuji, if you’re curious), and there were definitely a lot of people there.  We picked a fairly quiet trail though.  M walked off the mountain with 3 ticks on his legs and I had more mosquito bites than I could count.

We decided to cut our trip short and get ice cream instead of camping in the mosquito infested bog.

But first a stop at this swimming hole (above) to cool off and remove the ticks, then a stroll through small town New Hampshire (below).




We finished our Memorial Day at the Cathedral of the Pines, a breathtaking outdoor cathedral for meditation and worship in the mountains.

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Guessing Game


Above: Mystery Location 1

We’ve really been enjoying this summer in Boston.  There is still a long bucket list of things we need to do in our last month, but we’ve been hitting things up every weekend.  I’m still sorting through photos, but just to give you a teaser, see if you can guess where we took these videos:

Mystery Location 2:

Mystery Location 3:


Rhode Island part 2



Since M shared his favorite pictures last week, I thought I would share a few of my favorites.












Welcome (back) to our neighbo(u)rhood

We’re not going to dwell on the past. A lot happened and nothing went on the blog. New jobs, new semesters, new moving plans… But rather than getting overwhelmed trying to catch up, we’re just going to pick up and restart nice and easy.

To begin maybe I’ll try writing a few posts about our neighborhood (or neighbourhood, depending where you’re from). I finally found a “new” bike, so we rode along the river to stake conference in Cambridge this afternoon. On the way back we stopped at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, about half a mile from home. It’s probably the most scenic cemetery we know of (and T’s been to a lot in her travels). Hope you enjoy the pictures–and come visit sometime so we can show you around!

A view of the Boston skyline from the top of Mt Auburn


The tower on top of the hill. Closed before we got there, but apparently you can go to the top. Would be an awesome view.



Some of the more modest monuments to the rich and famous of Boston’s past

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