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Adelia’s Blessing and an Update


After a long summer’s rest from the blog, I think I’m finally ready to start at it again. We’re pretty settled in our Tucson house–just a few remaining things to do here before we can truly be unpacked. There’s still one box left, full of pictures to put on our walls. Our couch needs two new cushions, but I’ve already bought foam, so that should be done soon enough. We’re getting into the swing of things, although I think M can tolerate this climate better than I can. We’ve already been up Mount Lemmon three times to escape the summer heat. He’s biking to school every day and enjoying the UofA outdoor swimming pool.

Anyway, there’s more of all of that to come! We should be back to our regularly scheduled blog posts shortly, including more never-before-seen pictures from our trip to England. So far we’ve only shared the ones from M’s phone.  But before I get carried away with all that, I just wanted to share these pictures from my niece’s blessing last week so the family can see them.

One more thing. We’re thinking it’s about time to start a new blog with a new name because this one is a reference to our living in Boston which ended two years ago. It also contains a grammatical error, not that you know, because it’s in Russian and it’s a joke that doesn’t even make sense. But the thing is, it’s actually been really hard for us to come up with a name. I know it would be easy to just use our first names, because that’s what everyone else does, but I’ve just had some unsavory experiences in the past with my name out in the open on the internet. Which is why we use initials here instead of our names.  It also seems pointless to use something based on our geographic location because we’re not very good at being permanent anywhere. And everything else we’ve come up with either sounds hokey, or it sounds like we’re trying too hard. Who am I kidding? We are trying too hard.

In short, if you have any good suggestions, let us know!

Ok here are the pictures. Happy birthday, Adelia!

IMG_7600 IMG_7598 adelia IMG_7576 IMG_7583 IMG_7584 IMG_7563 IMG_7564 IMG_7577  IMG_7617 IMG_7519 IMG_7523 IMG_7639 IMG_7645

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Were you listening?

imageClick here to hear my favorite part of General Conference.

Also, I promise to get pictures up this week of our snowshoeing/backpacking retreat. It’s already been 3 weeks since we went, and it’s been on my to-do list ever since! But here’s a little preview of what’s coming.

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Ok we’re going back to the road trip posts for a second. We’re going to try to finish up these posts so we can get back to Boston! So, let’s go to Ohio for a moment.

We went to church in the Kirtland ward, just a few blocks away from all the historic sights. The Church has reclaimed many of the property that was once owned by early church members before they were driven out, including the Newel K. Whitney Store, where Joseph Smith lived for a while.  Many significant revelations and visitations occurred there, and the school of the prophets was also upstairs. It was a really beautiful city, as you can see in the photographs. We went to the temple first, which is owned by the Community of Christ church. We had an excellent tour guide, who knew very well the events that occurred in the temple.  Even though we had read Doctrine and Covenants 110 before we went, it made a lot more sense to see the “breastwork of the pulpit” as Joseph Smith described it, and to see how there were veils, or curtains, dropped between the pulpits, so that he and Oliver Cowdrey were, indeed, alone when they were visited by Christ, Moses, Elias, and Elijah. Unfortunately we were not permitted to take photographs inside the temple, but we took plenty from the outside.

After the temple tour, we went to the LDS visitors center. The senior missionaries took us on a tour of the sites that the Church owns now. Here are some of the sites we saw:

The Newel K. Whitney home (not the store):

The rest of these are pictures from Newel K. Whitney’s store. They were doing some updates on the outside of the building, as you can see, but nearly all of the house was original to what it was when the Whitneys and Joseph Smith lived there. It has been furnished with period decor, though most of the accessory items are not original.

Oliver Cowdrey’s bed:

The School of the Prophets:


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Church History in Missouri

In Independence, MO we went to the LDS visitor’s center and the temple of the Community of Christ (a church formerly called the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a group that broke off from the mainstream LDS church after Joseph Smith’s death). Their temple is a little different from our LDS temples. It was modelled after a nautilus shell, which symbolizes going toward God while he comes toward us. The Community of Christ uses it for community events and prayers, and also for their church HQ. We had a very nice young tour guide who answered all of our questions.

Here’s an older RLDS (Community  of Christ) church, corner stone placed by Joseph Smith III:

I got to meet up with Kristen, an old friend from my first year at BYU-Idaho, who came with us to the Community of Christ temple and then to Liberty, MO.

At Liberty jail, Joseph Smith and five other church leaders were thrown in prison from December 1838 to April 1839. The local government at the time wouldn’t allow them a real trial to defend themselves of their made-up offences. They just wanted the Mormons gone (later they issued a Mormon extermination order) and hoped that putting their prophet in jail would weaken the membership of the church and get them out of the state. The jail was a tiny, filthy, and cold place. But miracles still happened here and Joseph and all of the men learned a lot. Jesus Christ gave Joseph this revelation while he was in Liberty Jail.

After Liberty, we made our way to Nauvoo, Illinois. On the way we stopped at Far West, which used to be a Mormon town with over 2000 people. All that’s left is the site where they started building a temple. The pioneers of that town must have been very excited for that temple and it must have been heartbreaking to have to leave before they finished it. I could feel their faith and hope while wewalked through the temple site. That was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

We also stopped at Adam-Ondi-Ahman. This place is fascinating in its history, even if it’s not much to look at (besides a beautiful view) now. Adam held councils here thousands of years ago, the Mormon pioneers built a settlement here 170 years ago, and Jesus Christ will come here in the future.

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