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Chicago Part III – Architecture

Poetry Foundation - meghan and me

The very best thing in Chicago is Meghan McGrath.

Meghan is a Chicago native. We met in college, and now she’s back in the city she loves, working for the Poetry Foundation. In the picture above, you can see us standing outside the brand new Poetry Foundation building. We were there the day before the grand opening. So after M enjoyed a Chicago style hot dog (I picked the minestrone), we met up with Meghan here, at the newest member of Chicago’s great buildings. The building was designed, in fact, like a poem. In some places the building looks like it is encased in black, but from another perspective, it is clear as day what’s inside.

Meghan’s grandma used to be a tour guide in Chicago, so Meghan has heard just about every story about the architects, the scandals, the prohibition, the plumbing. We wandered around downtown for hours just listening to her wealth of knowledge about the city. By the end of the day we felt like Chicago was another old friend.

Then we just barely missed our train back to the hotel, so we napped for a couple hours at Union Station.


Architecture details



Chicago Public Library

Tall buildings


Door and bike



Look at this one. A Methodist church on the top of a skyscraper!

Methodist Church

These next ones are from the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago TribuneCathedral


Chicago details

Chicago old town

Water tower

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