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Rhode Island part 2



Since M shared his favorite pictures last week, I thought I would share a few of my favorites.












Lake Erie

The two nights before and after our visit to Kirtland, we stayed at Perry Township Park, on the shore of Lake Erie. We took a few photos while we made some Sunday night phone calls.

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A big hello

From Macomb, Illinois.

where we got lost for a minute.

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Top ten moments in Nauvoo

10. Pizza from a gas station.

I was so tired of road trip food. Pretzels and oyster crackers just leave something to lack, if you know what I mean. My number one goal upon arriving in Nauvoo was to get dinner. But it’s a pretty small city, and pretty much everything was closed by the time we got there. Except Casey’s General Store (Don’t be fooled. It’s just a gas station). They make pizza to order, and while it was pretty tasty, we had to wait a good long time before it was ready, and I was getting real hungry. So while we waited, we looked at just about everything for sale in the gas station mini market:

This one gave us a good chuckle.

They were giving away a free order of cheesy bread with any large pizza purchase, so it lasted for a couple meals, which was extra nice.

9. Seeing Vocal Point on stage.

and hearing them do an LDS version of this classic:

8.  A camp ground with showers.

That was a lovely surprise. It was a lovely little camp ground with a nice view of the Mississippi River, right near the center of town. I would recommend it to anyone:

7.  Crossing the Mississippi River.

That thing is huge and never ceases to impress. M didn’t believe me when I said it’s about as wide as the Okanagan, but he said the bridge we crossed was probably as long as the bridge in Kelowna.



6.  Learning about how pioneers made stuff


Original sunstone from the Nauvoo Temple

like candles, bread, and tin pans.

5.  The Nauvoo Cultural Hall and Masonic Temple.

It’s not used as a masonic temple anymore, but it is still used as a cultural hall. The senior missionaries perform plays on the stage every night. The Cultural Hall was severely damaged and altered during the years between the exodus and the Church‘s reacquisition of the properties.

It did still have several beautiful original details, including pine pillars painted like marble, just like the Salt Lake Tabernacle, the original dance floor on the 3rd story, and a big bass drum from the band that played for the dances.

4. John Taylor’s home.

He had a pretty great story. You can read more about it here.

Rocking Horse

Believed to be carved by John Taylor

3.  Learning about the significance of Nauvoo to the pioneers.

They were a very industrious people and they made a very impressive community during the 5 years they lived in the city.


We took a wagon tour of the city to see some of the sites before we wandered around for ourselves. We only had one day in the city, so we asked for recommendations. One sister missionary had recommended John Taylor’s home, so that was our first stop. But we also visited the tinsmith, the bakery, Brigham Young’s home, and others.


2. Walking the trail of hope.

This is the path down Parley street where the pioneers left the city and crossed the river.

Now that the temple has been rebuilt, we really felt that pain of leaving the city that they did. You can look back over your shoulder and see the temple rising above the brick buildings.

1. Doing a session at the Nauvoo temple.



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Kansas City BBQ

Here’s a quick food post. Apparently Kansas City, MO is famous for its BBQ. Our friends, Jenika and Danny (Jenika was one of T’s high school friends), took us to Gates BBQ, a KC chain famous for meat and rude employees. When they say, “Hi may I help you…” it isn’t a question. And you better not forget to grab a tray on your way in or you’ll hear about it. Definitely adds to the adventure and personality of the place. I got BBQ beans and a burnt ends sandwich. It was delicious.

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